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The Writer Site Builder

Professional website and portfolio for writers, authors, content creators and communications professionals.

Plus desktop device

The Writer Site Builder is the only professionally website creation service just for writers, authors, content creators and communications professionals.

NEW FEATURE! The Writer Site Suite. Tired of trying to piece together your tech? The Writer Site Suite professional business and marketing tools for is a one-stop solution for all your tech needs, managed from one easy dashboard.

Your Writer Site comes with EVERYTHING a writer needs to share your writing, promote your brand and attract new opportunities while connecting deeply to your audience.

You get a beautiful customized website with all the exact pages and tools you need – without needing to learn any confusing tech. 

Writer sites come with a portfolio page to show off your writing and/or content creation, a sleek bio page, pages that strategically showcase the services you offer and a modern contact page that lets clients easily get in touch and book services with you. 

Writer Sites are designed to build your brand, attract a new audience, and help you make money.

Plus laptop device

Writer Site Website

A website that shows off your unique brand and captures what you do. It comes with all the basic features you need to show off your skills and services while acquiring new clients, gigs, or audience. Comes with an optional Blog to express yourself and grow your online presence. 

Website Pages

Pages that come with the site

Add-on Pages

Pages that can be added-on

Biz & Marketing Tools

Tools that come with the site

Biz & Marketing Tools Suite

Pro tool upgrade with Writers Suite

Why the Writer Site Builder?

❌ No Tech
❌ No Difficult DIY ❌ No Paying High Priced Designers

👎 Don’t waste time struggling to figure out website builders or spend a ton of money on an expensive web designer! 

✅  ⏳💰 Save time and money with this solution that combines the best of both worlds:  

👍 ✅   The professional look, professionalism, and convenience of hiring a professional website designer 

👍✅Pro’s who connect all the tech for you

😲 but instead of paying a high cost designer or struggling to do the site yourself…
WE do all the work FOR YOU! 🎉
Quickly and for a great price! 🎉🎉🎉

It's Fast!

Just pick your template and then plug your info, images and choices into the form we send you. Your website is ready within 5 -7 business days!

It's Easy!

Don't struggle with confusing DIY site builders or waste time learning new tech. We do all the techy-stuff for you.

It's Affordable!

Writer Sites are a fraction of the price of a web designer with all the perks of a professional design and having the tech done for you.

How Does it Work?

3 Easy Steps: Pick, Plug and Publish


Pick the template you like best and pick from a list of tools you need to run your site


Plug your info and upload your images into our plug-and-play forms. We handle the tech and connect your social media, calendar, newsletter and set up your hosting.


We send a proof for your approval. Once we get the okay we hit publish and your site is live!

What Comes with a Writer Site?

Here's What You Get

A Professional Website

A fully hosted website with all the pages and features you need to show off your professional skills and services


Display your writing and/or client work in a sleek professional online portfolio

Blog or News Page (Optional)

Publish your writing on your own multi-media platform. Choose a traditional blog, news feed, or Substack-style format to publish free and/or paid content for your audience

Optimized Bio & Resume

Go beyond the typical "About" page with a sleek bio, career timeline and professional resume/CV on your site. We also offer additional support via our professional resume writing and LinkedIn optimization services

Services Page

Show all your services or sell your services directly from your site on your services page. You can also let clients book free or paid time on your calendar via Stripe or PayPal

Contact Page & Calendar

Your contact page comes complete with contact forms, your contact info and a professional calendar

Social Media Machine

We connect your site to all your social media accounts. You can also opt to upgrade to display one or more social media feeds right on your site.

Accept Online Payments

Connect your page to Stripe and/or PayPal to accept credit card and online payments.


Don't worry about hosting. We take care of all your hosting, maintenance, security and backups for $24.99/month

Built in Opt-in Forms

Grow your mailing list directly from your website with strategically placed pre-designed opt-in forms that connect to your email marketing service. Don't have email marketing yet? We'll help connect you to the best option for your needs.

Professional Marketing Software (Add-On)

Add the "Writer Site Suite" software to your website to create a powerful marketing machine. The Suite includes a professional calendar with scheduling tools, automated email marketing, and a CRM (client relationship management) to track, manage and grow your client relationships.

Tech Stuff Done for Your

We connect all the tech tools you need. Your social media, email marketing and/or newsletter software, calendar...etc.

Hosting, Security, Maintence and SSL Certificate

We host your site on our secure servers. Never worry about hosting, hackers, security or updating and maintaining your website with our hosting services. (Monthly fee applies)

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Climb to the top of Google and make sure your site is seen with our built-in SEO that helps you rank high in online searches.

Amazing Add-Ons

Personalized add-ons to customize your site to fit your exact needs: Podcast player, press page, digital media kit, and online shop and more.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Want to update your site by adding new content to your blog or new material to your portfolio? Our videos walk you through how to easily update and make changes your site. Want us to do it for you? Ask about our website content update packages.

FREE Lifetime Support

Fast, friendly, professional tech support is a click away. We're here any time you have a question or need help.

Free & Discounted Access to Private Courses

Want to learn how to successfully grow your audience using social media? How to successfully pitch stories to editors? Want a PR-pro's insight on how to grow your brand and promote your writing? We have courses coming that only Writer Site clients have special access to.

Amazing Add-Ons

Here are some additional pages and features you can add to your site. You can choose to add any of these tools or pages to your template at check our from our a la carte menu to build your perfect custom website. Or you can add any of these features later. Each additional add-on page costs a one-time fee of $99. 

Podcast Player

Play episodes of your podcast or podcasts that you've been guest on right on your site.

Podcast Page

A dedicated podcast page to describe, promote, play and display your show.

Social Media Feeds

Display multiple social media feeds right on your website. You can add a social media feed to whichever page you choose or add a live feed to the bottom of each page of your site. Or add a separate website page solely dedicated to showing off your social media feed. (Add-on)

Media Kit (Digital Press Kit)

When media or sponsorship opportunities come your way you best be ready! Boost your authority as an expert, get interviewed by the press, booked for speaking engagements, recognized as expert in your field and secure paid partnerships and brand deals.

Reviews & Testimonials Page

Never chase down a testimonial or review again. Automatically collect testimonials from clients and automatically gather your best online reviews from sites like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Yelp and display it all on your site with our Ritual Reviews professional software.

Online Shop

Sell physical products or digital products with your own online store complete with all e-commerce capabilities.

Video Library

Add a video portfolio or video library to your site. Offer free or paid access to your videos.

Monetize Your Blog

Write a blog and/or post writing, audio and video content that members can access through a paid subscription.

Resources Page

Add a page of your most recommended resources for your audience. Add affiliate links to earn commissions on your recommendations.

The Writer Site Suite:
Professional Marketing & Business Tools for Writers

Our Writer Site Suite includes all the tools you need to market and run your business from one centralized easy-to-use dashboard.  

Professional Calendar & Scheduling

We can connect your site to Calendly or you can sign-up for our Writer Site Suite Pro Calendar. This calendar allows easy client bookings, accepts credit cards and PayPal payments, has Zoom integration, sends automatic appointment email confirmations and reminders, and connects to our email marketing and CRM software.

Payments & Invoicing

Collect payments by connecting your site to Stripe and/or PayPal. Need more powerful payment collection?The Writer Site Suite also offers client invoicing, billing and payment software.

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

The Writer Site Suite comes with a CRM that lets you keep track of clients for client management and marketing purposes. Add personalized tags and notes about each client, send automated email marketing and more.

Email Marketing

Automate emails to clients, send marketing emails and special offers, keep clients up-to-date, create email marketing funnels.

Client Portal & Project Management

Communicate smoothly and professionally by adding a client portal. Each individual client gets their own login-in page, a dedicated area to communicate to keep clients updated, request information, send forms, materials and other deliverables, use time-tracking tool, and other project management (PM) tools. (Coming soon!)

Writer Sites

  • A Professional Website

    A beautiful site optimized for your niche, customized with all your info and images. 5 Pages included: Home, About/Bio, Services/What I Do, Portfolio, Contact. Author sites come with dedicated page for your book/books.

  • Plug-and Play Customizer

    Plug in your words & images into our simple form and we whip up your website

  • Portfolio Page

    Every writer site comes with a portfolio page to display your work: writing, videos, media, press coverage, client projects ...etc.

  • Client Logo Displays

    Show off logos from media companies and clients from your writing jobs, clients, and/or press coverage you received

  • Social Media Buttons

    We connect your site to all your social media

  • Tech Done for You

    We connect your website to your email marketing and/or newsletter software and your calendar. If you don't have your own email marketing, newsletter, or calendar we can connect you to our recommend brands for these services.

  • Hosting, Security, SSL and Maintenance

    Never worry about hosting, hackers, security or maintaining your website with our hosting services

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization

    Climb to the top of Google with our built in SEO that's built to help you rank high in online searches

  • FREE! Lifetime Support

    Have a question? Our support desk has your back with a lifetime of free tech support that comes with your site

  • Tutorials & Video Guide

    Our video guides and written tutorials help seamlessly guide you through the site process.

  • A Site that Grows with You

    Want to keep adding content to your site? More portfolio items, more pages, additional services, more client logos? We can add items for you (fee applies) or watch our simple video tutorials to learn how to add ongoing extra info to your site.

  • Blog or News Site

    Publish your writing to a blog or your own news site. Create free or paid content for your fans and followers to read, watch, or listen to. Make money with your writing and videos by offering certain content to paid subscribers.

Writer Suite Tools

Website with Biz & Marketing Tools

  • Additional Customization of Website

    Writer Suite offers a more customized approach by allowing you to add extra pages and features to your site like unlimited portfolio pages, video pages, testimonials & reviews, unlimited social media feeds, podcast or audio players, event pages or sections where you can display upcoming events, and an online shop.

  • Professional Calendar and Scheduling

    Schedule appointments, zoom calls, coaching sessions, group classes...etc by embedding scheduling software on the pre-designed schedule page. Use our Ritual Digital calendar and marketing suite

  • Payments and Invoicing

    Collect payments, send invoices, offer packages to clients. Sell subscriptions to your writing by connecting your site to our payment gateways through Stripe or PayPal.

  • Professional Email Marketing

    We'll connect your email marketing (Mailchimp, Convert Kit...etc) to your site. Don't have email marketing? Use our Ritual Email marketing suite.

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    Collect and store information about clients. Tag clients by category. Send automated emails, offers, and email funnels.

  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages

    Need more than one page to display your work? Writer suite comes with unlimited portfolio pages for writing, videos, press, previous work or anything else you'd like to add.

  • Online Store

    Your own online shop. Sell physical products or digital products right from your website.

  • Reviews & Testimonials Tool

    Our software collects sends automated requests to clients for testimonials while also automatically collecting your best reviews from Google, Yelp, Amazon and FB and then posts all the love to your website and social media.

  • Podcast or Audio Player

    Add an audio player to your site for your podcast, audio books, audio samples or any other audio you'd like to share with your audience

  • Client Portal (Coming Soon)

    Manage your business from one centralized dashboard. Invite your team and clients, send messages, assign tasks, share files, track time, share docs, send invoices, and get paid online.

Ready to get a Writer Site?

Writer Site Builder vs. The Old Way

The Writer Site Way

The Old Way

Website Templates

Professional pre-designed websites for writers, authors, e-book makers, content creators, copywriters, bloggers, influencers, affiliate marketers, service providers, social media managers, communications professionals and agencies.

Hover over the template to scroll photo of each site. Click on the 'live demo' button below to see each template live.

The Writer

Perfect for writers, editors, journalists, reporters, and content creators

The Writer/Service Provider

Perfect for writers, editors, journalists, copywriters, content creators, social media managers, SEO experts, AI experts, anyone offering services

The Author

Perfect for all authors. Authors of books, e-books. Professionally published or self published.

The Content Creator

Perfect for writers, bloggers, content creators, influencers, affiliate marketers, social networking, multi-passionate content pros


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