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Referral Partner & Affiliate Program

Make money with Writer Site Builder just by referring others

Our referral, affiliate and influencer marketing programs allow you to make a generous commission just for getting other people to sign up for a website they already need: a Writers Site. We offer a flat fee of $100 per basic level client you refer and $200 for each premier. Our top referral parters get an extra bonus of 20% commissions on sales – that’s $300 – $600 per site! Read our FAQ’s below to see how it works then sign up and start making money today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what you need to know. More questions? Send us a message or set up a Zoom call via our contact page.

What is the difference between an affiliate and a referal?

In this case there is no meaningful difference except that a referral is typically comes from one of our clients and/or business associates and an affiliate is someone who professionally uses internet or social marketing in order to promote our product. Both are treated as equally important and are paid the same way. 

How often do we get paid and how?

We pay 30 days after the sale is made. You are paid automatically and directly through PayPal so you will need a PayPal account. It doesn’t matter if it’s  business or personal PayPal account. 

Who should I promote this product to?

You can promote this to anyone. Most people are successful by sharing this with your friends, family, followers, fans, colleagues and community members. IRL word of mouth works but most people are successful promoting our sites online. Social marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry now. You could make an excellent living just by promoting products like this. 

How do I share about your business?

There are many great ways to share about Writer Sites. The most important thing is that you are sharing useful information to the right people. Your best bet is to share about it on social media posts, blogs, and inside FB groups and other groups and associations with writers, authors and content creators. Many people are looking for something like this so if you just inform them of its existence you may be doing then a favor and getting a commission with very little work.

How do I become a top referral partner or affiliate so I can get the extra commision?

There are two ways to become preferred.

  1. By invitation: This is usually reserved for people with a direct sales pipeline, like large niche-related FB group, influencers with a large topic-related following, or people we’ve worked with before.
  2. By earning it: The top 10% of our referral and affiliate partners who bring in the most business will be bumped up to the preferred tier and make 20% commissions ($300 – $600+ per sale)
How does it work?

You apply to be a referral, affiliate or influencer partner. Once approved we will give you more detailed instructions and a guide to our rules and best practices, but you are able to get started making money right away. 

Do you offer us any help promoting you?

We sure do. We’ll often give you a discount or coupon code that’s exclusive for you to use. We also create special bonuses, freebies and extras to give potential new clients you can give away to help you stand out and make the sale.

How does it work technically?

Every referral, affiliate or influencer partner has your own individual portal and dashboard so you can get an overview of your program, including accessing all marketing materials, getting help from selling from our help center and keeping track of all your sales.

Each partner is assigned their own special CODE and their own special link to share so we can track who who made the sale. When you send someone to Writer Site via your link it automatically adds a tracking cookie that stays for 30 days. So if the customer buys a site within 30 days you will get the commission. 

As soon as you make a sale it will be reflected on your dashboard. In 30 days you will be paid directly to your PayPal account.